Monday, October 9, 2023

More Konstantin Korovin Paintings

I last wrote about Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin (1861-1939) here.  His Wikipedia entry is here.

He painted in a painterly (visible brushstroke), Impressionist style both in the Russian phase of his career and later in France.

As I mentioned in the earlier post, he carries this further that I prefer.  This is best for landscapes, but the first portrait shown below works well when not seen enlarged (as you can do by clicking on it if you're viewing this on a desktop computer or possibly on a laptop).

All that said, Korovin's works were often pleasing and interesting.


Portrait of Mariinsky Theatre singer Vera Aleekseevna Dorofeeva - 1920
It isn't easy to do a convincing portrait of a young woman using strong brushwork, but Korovin succeeded here.

Z. Pertseva - 1921
Perhaps due to it being nearly a full-figure work, his sketchy approach is less effective on Pertseva.

Gourzouf - 1914
Russian Empire resort town.

Gurzuf - 1915
Different transliterations from the Cyrillic, same place in Crimea the following summer.

Moscow - 1914
The Kremlin is at the left, St. Basil's Cathedral is above the streetcar on the bridge over the Moskva River.

French Port in Summer
Another summer resort painting in the 1920s or 1930s.

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Nadia Adams said...

The paintings by Konstantin Korovin featured in this post are truly mesmerizing! His use of color and light captures the essence of each scene beautifully.
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