Monday, June 6, 2022

Alexandre de Riquer, Painting and Posters and More

Alexandre de Riquer i Ynglada, 7th Count of Casa Dávalos (1856-1920) is probably best known for his poster work.  But he also painted, engraved, and wrote poetry and other works.  Some background inforation is here, but from there you can link to his Catalan language Wikipedia page for greater detail.

Although Riquer was a Count, like many other late-1800s nobility he was not a rich one, so had to earn his living.  Moreover, his art training was not done in a fancy city such as Paris or even his home town of Barcelona.  Instead he went to Béziers, France.

Since he was talented, it didn't really matter where he got his art training.  Like most of us, he learned on the job.  And via travel to Italy, England and elsewhere.

The examples below are mostly of posters, because they were the internet items that most caught my eye.


Ritratto di mujer
I have no information about this, and the image is blotchy, yet interesting.

Nymph in the Moonlight

Four Seasons, Spring - 1899
The seasons were a popular topic for poster artists of the day.

Four Seasons, Summer - 1899

Four Seasons, Autumn - 1899

Four Seasons, Winter - 1899

Figura feminina amb un vas - 1887
Influenced by English Pre-Raphaelites and Arts & Crafts.

Industrial and Fine Arts Barcelona Exhibit - 1896

Salon Pedal - 1897
Bicycles were all the rage in the late 1800s.

Antigua Casa Franch - 1899

Mosaicos Escofet-Tejera y Ca. - 1900


Elijah said...

Just wanted to say, I love these artist highlights and have a number of your blog posts bookmarked to keep coming back to. Thanks for posting! I'm always finding amazing artists through you!

emjayay said...

It's interesting how you can look at "fine" art or illustration and pretty much know exactly when it was done based on multiple factors with about 90% certainty.