Monday, May 29, 2023

More Frederick Mizen Illustration Art

Frederic Kimball Mizen (1888-1964) had a long career in illustration and fine arts.  Although he never achieved the popularity of Norman Rockwell, John La Gatta, Maxfield Parrish and J.C. Leyendecker, he worked for several important clients: I wrote about his work for Chevrolet here.

There is little biographical information about Mizen on the Internet, and this seems to be the most comprehensive source.

Today's post presents some of his non-Chevrolet illustrations.


Coca-Cola advertisement - 1926

Coca-Cola advertisement - 1927

Coca-Cola advertisement illustration - 1931
The setting is the Yellowstone National Park lodge near Old Faithful geyser. That gent in the foreground is drinking Coke.  Nobody seems interested in Old Faithful.

Railroad industry poster - 1932
In the background is the Empire State Building that opened the previous year.

Saturday Evening Post cover 10 February 1934
Illustrating a Post cover put an artist into The Big Time, professionally.

Saturday Evening Post cover 7 April 1934
Another Post cover.

Artwork for the 7 April 1934 Post Cover

Side-wheeler steamer somewhere out west.
Somewhere out west in the desert area there are few rivers wide and deep enough for such a boat, so I'm not sure where this scene takes place.

Pinup illustration from around 1950
Well, this helped put food on Mizen's table.

Early illustration from the 1910-20 decade.
An example of his early illustration work.

"Escorting a Criminal"
This illustration used plenty of good, painterly brushwork, and can be considerably enlarged if you are using a desktop computer.

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