Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Separated at Birth - 60 Years Apart

Alright, already. I know they aren't identical. They are products from different manufacturers and introduced to the market nearly 60 years apart.

But isn't there just a whiff of something evocative?

Judge for yourself:

Studebaker Champion convertible - 1950

Mercedes SLK - current


Anonymous said...

The Studebaker convertible was used in the Doris Day movie: "It happened to Jane" and was driven by Jack Lemmon.

Anonymous said...

I have just watched "Laughter in Paradise", a British comedy film from the 50s. A Studebaker Champion Convertible appears, briefly, in this film in what,as far as I can tell, RHD format. This puzzled me as of course it is an American car,rare in GB at the time and exceedingly rare now.Anywhere. Then I saw your blog and what do you know - you have a RHD example too! If anybody reads this and has an answer or indeed any info at all then please drop me an email on Ta x