Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Earlier "Painter of Light"

Thomas Kinkade (b. 1958) used the slogan "The Painter of Light" for many years while building his artistic sales empire. The image above is an example I snatched from the Web; it even has a Kinkade stamp asserting that it's the real thing. Most of his twilight-plus-glowing-windows paintings are rural or semi-rural scenes, but he also does some urban scenes such as the one above. He also can be a better painter than one might gather from seeing originals and giclées in galleries, but a guy has to earn a living.

There being not much totally new under the artistic sun, I hereby offer some paintings of Paris street scenes by Édouard Cortes (1882-1969):

Cortes' Paris paintings interest me because of his attention to detail. Note the Citroën by the cyclist in the image immediately above: he didn't just dash off a generic car shape.

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