Friday, May 18, 2012

Crowing Proclaimed, no Crow Eaten

The tiny image above is the largest I could find showing the American Artist magazine cover for its June 2012 issue.

The image is of a study or uncompleted painting in the Joaquin Sorolla museum in Madrid. I stumbled across it while visiting in October 2010, photographed it, and included photos such as the one below in this post.

I took the photo because it was the only example I knew of showing his way of blocking in his subject material.

That post was linked by Charley Parker's Lines and Colors blog, leading to a significant rise in readership here.

So far as I'm aware [pats self on back], my image was the first of Sorolla's painting to appear on the Internet.

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Albert. S said...

The one thing about Sorolla like other artist of his time, was the ability to draw. I think that's why the block in seems like an general way of starting. Simple with just the important lines. Sargent was the same way. I think Sargent even quoted, "You draw with your brush".