Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blogging Note

For the last few months I've been on The Big Push, an effort to complete the first draft of a book about the crisis of innovation in Modernist painting. Well, I finally completed drafting all the chapters plus a preface, and I'm setting it aside for a while so I can take a more objective look at it later.

Another reason it's getting set aside is that I'm about to head to the British Isles for much of August. I'll mostly be touring, but will visit art museums where I can, probably in Dublin, Edinburgh and Glasgow (too bad the Hunterian will be closed).

Blog posts will continue to appear on the usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday pace while I'm away, thanks to the magic of scheduled posting times. What will probably suffer is response to comments. I'll bring my iPad, but will be at the mercy of Internet availability as well as that clunky iPad virtual keyboard.

I'll report what I find interesting after I return home 29 August.

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