Thursday, October 11, 2012

Glasgow Girls: The Second Team

First, there were the Glasgow Boys, a label attached to group of younger painters who built their careers roughly 1880-95. Once that name became established, it was a small step to refer to Glasgow-based female artists as the "Glasgow Girls," even though they were temporally out of synch with the "Boys" -- the "Girls" began making their marks about ten years later, on average. A Wikipedia entry dealing with both the Boys and Girls is here (scroll down).

I'll be reporting on two female painters who I regard as the best of the bunch in later posts. But first a little scene-setting by sometime Boy Sir John Lavery and Girls who were good, but not quite at the top of my list.


"In the Studio" - John Lavery, c.1890

"Jean Macaulay Stevenson" (step-daughter) - Stansmore Dean

"Matron Anna C. Dick" - Jessie Alexandra Dick

"The Japanese Parasol" - Margaret Wright, c.1900

"The Silk Dress" (self-portrait) - Eleanor Allen Moore - c.1918

Self-Portrait - Dorothy Carleton Smyth, 1921

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