Monday, October 15, 2012

Multi Ritratti: Hazel Martyn Lavery

Sir John Lavery (1856-1941) was orphaned, yet through determination and ability rose to become one of Britain's foremost portrait artists.

Despite his busy career, Lavery found time to paint numerous portraits of his favorite subject, Hazel (1886-1935), his second wife. Biographical information on the Laverys can be found via the links above.

I'm likely to devote an entire post to Lavery some day, so won't say much more here other than that even though he is best known as a portrait painter, I think his best work dealt with landscapes. His portraits convey their subjects, but his brushwork seems fussier than I think it should be.

Let us now feast our eyes on the lovely Hazel.


Photo by E.O. Hoppé - 1916

Hazel Martyn
Apparently painted before their 1909 marriage, though I can't independently confirm the date.

Mrs. Lavery Sketching - 1910
She also was an artist.

Hazel in Rose and Gold - 1918

Red Rose - 1923

Lady Lavery - 1922

Lady Lavery as Kathleen Ní Houlihan - 1928

Irish 20 pound banknote
The painting above served as the basis for an image engraved for Irish currency of various denominations.

Lady Lavery - 1934
Painted not long before her death.

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