Monday, July 4, 2022

De Laszlo Paints King Alfonso XIII and Family, 1926-27

Philip de László (1869-1937), Wikipedia entry here, was a highly successful portrait artist: considered by some the successor to John Singer Sargent.  Born and raised in Hungary, most of his career was spent in England.  Not all his later subjects were British.  For example, in 1910 and again around 1920 and 1927 he painted Spain's royalty.  Today's post presents selections from 1926-27.


King Alfonso XII (1886-1941) of Spain
Biographical information is here.  He abdicated in 1931.

Queen Victoria Eugenie (1887-1969)
Wikipedia entry here.  She was British, a descendent of Queen Victoria, passing on genes related to haemophilia.

Alfonso, Prince of Asturias (1907-1938)
He renounced his claim to the throne in 1933, later dying due to haemophilia-indiced bleeding.

Infante Jaime, Duke of Segovia (1908-1975)
He also renounced his claim.

Infanta Beatriz (1909-2002)
She was the most long-lived of the group.

Infanta María Cristina (1911-1996)
Some biographical information is here.

Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona (1913-1993)
He was the father of King Juan Carlos I.

Infante Gonzalo (1914-1934)
He also died of complications due to haemophilia.

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