Monday, October 24, 2022

Scott Evans' Magazine Covers

Today's post features 1930s-vintage magazine covers illustrated by Scott Evans.

I know essentially nothing about him.

Part of the problem is that there was a 19th century painter with a similar name (De Scott Evans) who crowds out the illustrator Scott Evans on Web searches.  Also, he is missing from my hardcopy illustration sources.

Evans' heyday was the mid-to-late 1930s, though he is known to have been active in the late-1940s.  As illustrators from that era go, he was fairly successful, contributing cover art to Collier's and Liberty magazines.  Collier's was a major magazine in those days, but half a notch below the Saturday Evening Post, and I peg Liberty as a notch below Collier's.

Perhaps Evans' fame problem was due to the style he often used: a slightly cartoony one.  He was capable of more representational art, so I cannot rule out that magazine art directors had him "pigeonholed" stylistically.  Once his run of cover art was over, it's possible that he changed his style to the needs of clients.  And then dropped off the well-known-illustrator radar.

Below are a number his covers plus a postwar glamour image.  Click on images to enlarge.


Collier's - 5 March 1932
Humorous subjects were popular in those Great Depression days.

Collier's - 3 June 1933
Representational, simplified, but not cartoony.

Collier's - 3 February 1934
Pretty girls in season-appropriate outfits.

Collier's - 9 March 1935
Another dog, but not a funny one.

Liberty - 26 September 1936
For some reason, artists often had trouble with "tin hat" helmets, though Evans probably simplified their shape on purpose here.

Liberty - 31 October 1936
This nice illustration has been credited to Evans on some Web sites, but I see no signature.  Perhaps it was covered by the blue circle.

Liberty - 7 November 1936
More cartoon-like than usual for Evans.

Liberty - 21 November 1936
Another nice illustration.  Both the woman and the car are attractive.

Liberty (Canada) - 10 April 1937
No message here, just a pretty girl.

Collier's - 17 May 1941
Perhaps his final Collier's cover.

Publication unknown - 1948
Evans was capable of conventional 1940s glamour illustration.

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