Friday, December 3, 2010

Joaquim Mir and His Landscapes

Joaquim Mir (1873-1940) was a Catlonian painter who specialized in landscapes -- landscape paintings that caught my eye in more than one Spanish art museum in October. Unfortunately, I could find little about him in English on the Internet. The most comprehensive item was here, and it's in Catalan! If you know any Spanish or Italian, you might be able to get the gist.

Anyway, images of some of his paintings are below. Mir's style is an interesting mix of expressionism and impressionism: I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Poble escalonat

La eremita de Sant Blai - 1907

El abismo - 1903

El miral de la esglèsia

La joia L'Aleixar - (detail) click to enlarge

El roc de l'estany - 1903 (detail) click to enlarge


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these paintings!!!!

Jean Accola said...

I too enjoyed his work in a number of Spanish museums. I also discovered another artist living at about the same time as this, also with the last name of Mir, Eugenio Gomez Mir. Similar style and palette.
I wish I could find more information on these artist. But loved their use of color.

mhallren@ said...

I searched for this guy's work saw him once on a wall of Barcelona apartment that was in Architectural Digest...No name of the artist on credits..His style so different from anyone of his era..So my mission was this in Barcelona find this guys work,so i went the The Catalan Art Museum...And now i want to find out more about this guy.....and his life...thx