Thursday, April 13, 2017

More Painting by Herbert La Thangue

Henry Herbert La Thangue (1859 – 1929) was a Newlyn School (Stanhope Forbes - influenced) painter who mostly dealt with rural subjects. I previously posted about him here. Biographical information on La Thangue is here and here.

Below are a few rural English scenes along with paintings made in Italy and some portrait works. La Thangue painted in a basically representational manner, but simplified to varying degrees and used strong brushwork -- the latter especially for backgrounds.


Traveling Harvesters

The Sussex Cider Press

The Orchard

Making Lugurian Lace

Farmyard Scene - 1905

The Festa

Italian Peasant Girl

The Puppy

Portrait of a Young Girl - 1880

Polly (study) - c.1885

Resting After the Game - Kate La Thangue
Kate was his wife.

The Artist's Wife

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