Thursday, October 3, 2019

Famous Illustrators' Work at Wall Drug

If you're an illustration fan and happen to be driving on Interstate 90 in southwestern South Dakota close by the Badlands, either coming from or going to the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore, do not fail to stop in at Wall Drug, a long-time major tourist attraction.

There, scattered along various walls in the restaurant area you will be able to spy illustration art by a number of well-known artists from the 1920s into the 1950s.

Below are some photos I took. Due to placement, lighting conditions and such, they serve as highly rough documentation. Go to Wall and see the real things.

Click on images to enlarge.


Harvey Dunn -- "The Gray Dawn"

Harvey Dunn

N.C. Wyeth -- "The Devil's Whisper"

Dean Cornwell "The Train Station"

Dean Cornwell -- "The Man You Plan to Hang" -- 1924

Harold von Schmidt

Unknown illustrator

John La Gatta -- "Cowgirls"

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