Monday, June 28, 2021

Frank Schoonover Canoe Scenes

Frank Earle Schoonover (1877-1972) was a prominent early 20th century American illustrator.  He was one of the Brandywine School group trained by Howard Pyle.  In many respects his work was similar to that of the better-known Brandywine artist N.C. Wyeth, but Schoonover was not quite Wyeth's equal.

I wote about Schoonover here and here.  His Wikipedia entry is here.

Schoonover is best known for his outdoors scenes. The present post presents some of his illustrations that incorporate canoes -- light, rather fragile, somewhat unstable boats developed by American Indians, among others.


Wa-Gush - 1906

Jean Lafitte - 1912
The French pirate/privateer who worked the Caribbean in the early 1800s.  Not a quite a canoe, but nevertheless a fine illustration.

The Water Lilly - 1916

A Northern Mist - 1916

The Last of the Mohicans - 1922
Similar to the previous image.  Illustrators often take advantage of production shortcuts.

Ojibway Indian Spearing the Pike - 1923

As the Canoe Swept By - 1950
Schoonover's style remained essentially in place over much of his career, as this late work indicates.

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