Monday, October 18, 2021

Alexey Lipatov's Dieselpunk Illustrations

Airship Persephone

Alexey Lipatov is a Ukrainian illustrator from (or in) Dnieper (Dnipro).  I can't be more precise or add any further information about him because I could find none during a casual Web search.

Lipatov's illustration style is competent, but not particularly distinctive.  He is versatile in subject matter, though most of his production that I came across was in the Fantasy and Dieselpunk subject categories.

Featured here are some Dieselpunk examples.  That's because I have a mild, unexplainable interest in Dieselpunk and Steampunk.  Lipatov's illustrations are light, good-humored.  You might fancy them too.  Titles are either mine or what I saw on the Web.  Click on the images to enlarge somewhat.


Girl Mechanic
Perhaps a spoof on Soviet-era propaganda posters.

Seaplane and Girl
Sort of a mid-1930s airplane with a Daffy Duck emblem.

Full Moon
Note the two machine guns on the floatplane's nose.

Inspired by some early-1930s Soviet, German and French aircraft.

Arrival in Utopia
A touch of Film Noir.  What might the lady be carrying in that violin case?

Hovercraft Photo Shoot
Lipatov made several drawings featuring fantasy hovercraft.

Plane and Pilot
A late-1930s kind of aircraft, though the motors are too small to give it sprightly performance.

That appears to be an actual Dornier Do X seaplane in the background -- not a Lipatov invention..

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