Monday, April 25, 2022

James McNeill Whistler's Tall Women in Colors

James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903, biographical information here) occasionally painted full-length portraits of women.

As was usual for most of his paintings, he titled them using a color or two along with a non-art label such as "arrangement," "caprice," "harmony" and "symphony."

Examples of such works are shown below in approximate chronological order.   Click on them to enlarge.


Symphony in White No 1 - Joanna Hiffernan - 1861-62

Mrs Frances Leyland - c.1871-74

Arrangement in Black No. 2 - Portrait of Mrs Louis Huth - 1873
He was beginning to feature dark backgrounds.

Arrangement in Yellow and Gray - Maud Franklin - 1876

Arrangement in Black - 1881

Nocturne in Pink and Gray, Portrait of Lady Meux - c.1881-82

Arrangement in Black, La Dame au brodequin jaune – Portrait of Lady Archibald Campbell - 1882-85

Harmony in Red Lamplight - 1886

Mother of Pearl and Silver, The Andalusian - Ethel Whibley - 1888-1900

Rose and Green, the Iris, Portrait of Miss Kinsella - 1902

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