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Bertram Goodhue, Architect

Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue (1869-1924) died five days shy of his 55th birthday (Wikipedia entry here).  Another famous architect and near-contemporary, Raymond Hood (1881-1934), was similarly short-lived.  Hood's career might eventually have suffered due to the Great Depression construction drought had he lived a normal span.  The same might have been said for Goodhue, though he at least would have had six or so productive years before the impact hit: Makes me wonder what he might have done stylistically.  As it was, he was evolving from traditional styles before his death.

The link mentions that he lacked formal architectural training, but instead learned the trade as an apprentice.  That was not unusual in his day.

Many of the buildings he designed were religious sites: chapels and churches.  Not all his commissions were in New York City and the Northeast -- he designed significant buildings in Chicago, California, and Hawaii as well.

Wikipedia contains a list of his buildings.  Many were done in collaboration, and those completed after his death were under the aegis of other architects.  That said, it's likely that since the commissions were awarded before he died, he had given clients input as to his design concepts.  We can regard the buildings in the images below as essentially his.


Drawing by Goodhue
Some drawings were of European sites, others were fantasy images.

Cadet Chapel, West Point New York - 1910
An early major project.

St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, New York City - 1913-1930
This photo was taken after most of the first phase was completed.  A tower was planned over the transept.

St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, New York City - 1913-1930
But after Goodhue died, the tower was abandoned and a dome built, as seen in this 1950-vintage photo.

Panama-California Exposition, San Diego - 1915
The Museum of Man, my photo from 2010.

Honolulu Academy of Arts - 1927
Facade, my photo, from 2009.

Honolulu Academy of Arts - 1927
My photo of part of the interior court.

Nebraska state Capitol, Lincoln - 1924
Most American state capitol buildings have domes.  This skyscraper style was unusual, and probably shocking at first.   Though there is a small dome at the top of the tower.

Nebraska state Capitol, Lincoln - 1924
Aerial view.

Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago - 1928
Another aerial view, this of an impressive, large structure.

C. Brewer Building, Honolulu - 1931
In the Honolulu business district.  Another photo by me.

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