Monday, January 16, 2023

Jules Gotlieb Illustrations

Jules Gotlieb (born 1897, date of death unavailable, but perhaps after 1964) was a competent American Illustrator who did not manage to attain fame during his long career or later.

For instance, David Apatoff in this post, "Who Are All These Illustrators?" included Gotlieb with others who were competent, yet obscure even to him.  And David is an illustration uber-maven!

Which is probably why very little of Gotlieb's work can be found on Internet searches.  Below are most of his images that I came across.


MoToR Annual Show Number cover - 1929
Gootlieb's theme of a beautiful woman and a small car is a continuation of a cover theme from as early as a 1924 cover by Coles Phillips.

MoToR Annual Show Number cover - 1930

MoToR Annual Show Number cover - 1931

MoToR Annual Show Number cover - 1932
Something is wrong with her face.

The Spider's Touch - This Week magazine, 3 May 1936 - via Apatoff

Toy Store - c.1945
Vignette and page layout.

Yankee Stranger - c.1945

Egyptian Funeral - American Weekly - 7 April 1947
Glamorous ancient Egyptians.

Mystery of the Maya Scriptures - 1950
Ditto Mayans.

Clandestine Meeting - Redbook magazine - January 1964
Via National Museum of American Illustration's Facebook page.  It looks like a Mead Schaeffer painting, but the collection doesn't include this image, according to their Web page.  And Gotlieb is not listed as an artist in the collection.  For now, let's call this illustration a "maybe."

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