Monday, April 29, 2013

The Gallery Scene

I really should devote more time to the gallery scene, but for some reason I get inhibited because I am not at all a buyer of serious art and don't want the sales people to get their hopes up. Nevertheless, I'm trying to shed this hangup. In March I actually did manage to prowl through some of the galleries along El Paseo in Palm Desert, California while my wife was in Indian Wells watching the tennis tournament. And a while ago I visited and wrote about my favorite Santa Barbara, California gallery.

El Paseo galleries run the painting gamut from modernist to semi-schlocky to traditional. As of early 2013, my favorite of the lot is the SR Brennen gallery that was displaying some works by contemporary artists that I'd previously viewed in art magazines and on Web sites. So I got a real treat.

Here are a few of the paintings I saw. The images are from the SR Brennen site linked in the previous paragraph.


Daniel Greene: "Antiques Dealer with Folk Art"
Greene is a true veteran, pushing 80 years old, but still doing fine work. Some information about him is here.

Adrian Gottlieb: "Anticiaption"
Gottlieb, on the other hand, is under 40 and well launched on his career. Here is a post dealing with his technique at Matthew D. Innis' outstanding Underpaintings blog.

Steve Hanks: "Classical Elegance"
Hanks is a brave soul who works mostly in water-based media, though the results seem as solidly done as if they were in oil. Information about Hanks is here.

Nelson Shanks: "Salome"
I previously posted Shanks' "Salome" here, and plan to write more about him soon. For those interested in learning more about him click here.

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