Friday, August 1, 2014

The Dieselpunk World of "donaguirre"

I have no idea who "donaguirre" is. He signs his illustrations "aguirre" and it seems that he's based in Germany (could he be originally from Spain?). And I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that he was trained in industrial design.

His website is a part of the Deviant Art site, and is difficult to navigate for casual viewers such as me.

Given all this, we have no choice but to drop searching for details about him and instead take a peek at the alternative-1930s universe he has created. Click on the images to enlarge.


These "posters" help set the stage for aguirre's world. Imaginary countries and cities exist, though they resemble those of the 1930s. And don't miss the wry bits of humor: for example, note the "generous dental plan" appeal in the 1935 faux-poster immediately above.

Two more poster-like images, but of a different kind. Robert Heinlein fans will catch the reference in the book cover.

Fighter, HMS Aquarius, 1936
Design for a dirigible-based fighter plane.

Leaving Home Defence Perimeter

Malstroen-Zeppenfeldt, 1935 faux-poster for a weekend racing event

Nikkokan Task Force
Apparently the enemy is a Japan-like nation.

A completed passenger dirigible leaves the factory.

Spirit of Distopia
Another plane design. This from the "Hugges" company, and a likely takeoff on Howard Hughes' H-1 Racer of 1935.

Racing Weekend

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