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John Duncan Ferguson's Portraits of Women

John Duncan Fergusson (1874-1961) is associated with a group of painters called the Scottish Colourists. His Wikipedia entry is here and other information can be found here. He also is known for being the husband of modern dancer Margaret Morris (1891-1980).

Fergusson's style changed little after around 1910. He followed the path of tentative modernism where subjects were treated in a somewhat representational manner, but with simplification of form and related minor distortions. His colors were usually bright, but related to his subject matter, unlike the Fauvists who imposed unrealistic colors on subjects. Brushwork was often angled, parallel strokes, somewhat in the spirit of Cézanne.

His reputation seems to be rising: a recently discovered painting sold at auction for £638,000, as this Daily Mail article mentions.

The present post features Fergusson's portraits of women. At times his simplifications reached the point where it could be difficult to distinguished one sitter from others.


Jean Maconochie - ca.1904

Le voile persan - 1909
One of Fergusson's better-known works, made when he had almost settled into the style used for most of the rest of his career.

Pam - 1910

Poise - 1916
This was the painting auctioned for £638,000.

Joan - 1916

Villa Gotte Garden - ca. 1920
Fergusson seldom did profile portraits. This has a slight Cubist feel.

At Gows - 1925

In the Patio (Margaret Morris Fergusson) - 1925

The Branches (Margaret Morris) - 1928

Souvenir de Jumges - 1931
A nice Art Deco feeling to this.

The Red Hat (Roberta Paflin) - 1933

La châtelaine - 1938

"Hillhead," Eileen - 1941

Girl with Bang - 1947

Blonde with Checked Sundress - 1958

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