Thursday, July 21, 2016

Edward Arthur Walton, Glasgow Boy

A 19th century school of painting I find interesting is that of the Glasgow Boys (Wikipadia entry here, scroll down for Glasgow Boys material). One of the original Boys was Edward Arthur Walton (1860-1922), biographical information here.

The paintings he did around the mid-1880s featured a style similar to that other Glasgow Boys such as James Guthrie and George Henry, who I wrote about here and here. Later on, his style became more conventional as he turned to portraiture to earn his artistic keep.

I find his Glasgow Boys era paintings less interesting or well done than those of Guthrie or Henry. Perhaps he was paying more attention to technique than to the overall impression the paintings created.


Brig o'Turk (The Trossachs) - 1879
A pre- Glasgow Boys landscape.

A Berwickshire Field-Worker - 1884

Joseph Crawhall - 1884
Crawhall was a fellow Glasgow Boy.

Noon-day - 1885-86

A Daydream - 1885
One of Walton's best-known paintings.

The White Flower
This is undated, but seems to have been painting while Walton was changing his style.

Miss Jane Aitkin - 1894
Here Walton is painting thinly.

Miss Aimée de Burgh (Mrs Quartermaine) - 1904
Nice depiction of character.

The Portfolio - 1905
Back to heavy brushwork.

Andrew Carnegie - 1911
Not all of his subjects were unknowns.

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