Monday, September 12, 2022

Max Liebermann, German Impressionist

Max Liebermann (1847-1935) was in the thick of German avant-garde art world circa- 1890-1910. He is considered a major German artist of that period. I do not care for his work because much of it seems too messy -- but I suppose that's my problem.

Wikipedia has a very long entry about him here, so please refer to it for information about him, including his spats with Lovis Corinth and other German Modernists of his day.

Below are examples of Liebermann's work in approximate chronological order.


Gämsenrupfenninen (Women Plucking Geese) - c.1872
A fairly early painting reflecting Lieberman's training before French Impressionism took hold.

Herin - c.1873

Free Period in the Amsterdam Orphanage - c.1882
He spent some time in the Netherlands early in his career.  Although it seems he was interested in the effects of light, it's only Impressionism very-lite (if you will pardon the sorry pun).

Munich Beer Garden - 1884
Another transitional work.

Street in Amsterdam's Jewish Quarter
I don't have a date for this.  Liebermann is becoming Expressionist-Impressionist, abandoning strict representation.  (Though this might be more a sketch than a finished painting.)

Im Atelier des Künstlers (In the Artist's Studio)

Sommerabend an der Alster (Summer Evening on the Alster) - study - 1911

Sommerabend an der Alster - final - 1911
No broken colors to speak of, properly proportioned people and objects, but sketchy detailing.

Lola Leder
Perhaps from 1912.

Blumenstauden am Gärtnerhäuschen nach Nordwesten (Flowers by the Garden Shed, Towards the Northwest) - 1926
That's my very rough translation of the title.  This Impressionist work was auctioned for more than $200,000.

Olga Neuberg - 1928
He was about 81 when this was made.  His style of portraiture changed little in his artistically mature years.


Paul Sullivan said...

I love this statement, " I do not care for his work because much of it seems too messy -- but I suppose that's my problem."

That's one I've never heard before but it has the ring of honesty!

Anonymous said...

Olga has a weird leg!