Monday, March 13, 2023

Gaspar Camps and His Women

Not long ago I was in London's Prince Edward Theatre.  It dates from 1930, having Art Deco and Moderne interior décor in places such as the lounge pictured above.

Note the framed print at the left  Here's my photo of it (excuse the reflections):

Very 1920s, I'd say.  And whose work was it?  Gaspar Camps i Junyet (1874-1942), about whom there seems to be virtually nothing on the Internet.  On the other hand, the Web has many images of his prints.

He was Catalan, but might have worked in Paris as well as Barcelona.  His circa-1900 style seems to have been influenced by Alphonse Mucha, later continuing to adjust to current illustration fashion.  Based on Web images, his subject matter was posters or prints of attractive women.  Below are some examples.


This print was also found in the Prince Edward's lounge.  Striking, and very much of its time.

Perhaps from nearer to 1920.

Again, from the '20s.

An early 1900s print.


The hairstyle indicates mid-1930s.

An oil painting -- "Autumn" from around 1907.

Another 1930s example.

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