Monday, April 24, 2023

Hubert Vos Footnote: A Painting within a Painting

My previous post, here, failed to note an interesting detail in its featured painting.

According to Hubert Vos' Wikipedia entry, he sometimes made copies of his paintings while living in Asia -- one for his client, and one to take with him.  Evidence of that is suggested in "Harmonie" (1910), as can be seen below.


Harmonie - 1910
In the center-left a painting is depicted, near furniture and vases from Asia.  The Wikipedia entry mentions that Vos lived and worked for several years in China and Korea, so clearly he brought from there various objets d'art along with some duplicate paintings.

Portrait of Empress Dowager Cixi - 1905
The painting-within-a-painting is clearly this one.

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