Monday, June 5, 2023

Harry Morse Meyers, Illustrator

Harry Morse Meyers (1886-1961 or perhaps 1962) had a reasonably successful career as an illustrator.  Biographical information on the Internet is essentially non-existent, as best I can tell following some searches.  He was from Louisiana, but spent his career in New York.

Unlike more famous illustrators, he had no distinctive style.  But that might have been a virtue, because he altered his style over time to conform to illustration fashions, continuing to earn a living as an artist.  That is, he didn't get type-cast, thereby falling out of art directors' favor.

Images below are in chronological order so that you can see how his style changed to suit the illustration market.  Meyers was versatile, and skilled.


Vogue cover - 15 December 1915

Sheet music cover - 1920

Ivory Soap advertisement (cropped) - c.1922

Indigo Dreams - Ladies' Home Journal - April 1923

Fabric advertisement - 1923

Ladies' Home Journal cover - May 1928

Life Magazine cover - December 1928

Coca-Cola poster - 1932

Collier's Magazine cover - 1942

U.S. Army Air Forces poster - World War 2

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