Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Mysterious Manuel Orazi

Manuel Orazi (1860-1934) was an Italian with a Spanish first name whose career was spent mostly in Paris doing Art Nouveau style illustration when he wasn't involved in depicting the occult. And that's pretty much all that is known about him.

Actually, there is more. But as often seems to be the case, it is in bits and pieces scattered across the Internet. If, having seen the images below and you are curious about Orazi, link here, here, here, here and here.


Sarah Bernhardt - c.1895

Theatre de Loïe Fuller

Job cigarette papers poster

Poster for Boulevard de Clichy Hippodrome

La Belle sans nom (The Pretty Girl Without a Name) - Le Figaro Illustré - January 1900

Poster for La Maison Moderne (Modern Home) - 1902

L'Atlantide poster - c.1920-21
La reine Antinéa - L'Atlantide (Queen Antinéa) - 1920
Le lieutenant de Saint-Avit et la mort - L'Alantide (Lieutenant Saint-Avit with Death) - c.1920-21
These are related to the film L'Atlantide, which Orazi had a hand in besides poster work.

Paris by Night - Dance Club in Montmartre
A late work with no trace of Art Nouveau or the occult.

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