Friday, February 21, 2014

Roy Doty, Charming Cartoonist

As of the time I'm drafting this post, Roy Doty (1922 - ) is still alive and presumably making cartoons and illustrations, something he has been doing at a top professional level since the late 1940s. Information about him can be found here, here, here and here.

The classic Doty style involves clean, thin lines punctuated by solid areas of black and/or other colors. Sometimes compositions are simple, yet others can be complicated crowd scenes.

I find it interesting that illustrators who cartoon seem to have career staying-power, especially if they have a distinctive style popular with viewers. This is compared to illustrators in general, who can become victims of their signature style when it goes out of fashion or else are forced to change styles to keep commissions coming.

Here is a Doty sampling.

Promotional ad for Life Magazine - 1953

Autobiography - click to enlarge

Wordless Workshop - a comics series

In House Beautiful - 1949

Apparently from an Art Directors Club of New York annual

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