Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ernst Deutsch-Dryden: Elegant Illustrator

Ernst Deutsch-Dryden (1887-1938), born in Vienna, died in Los Angeles, changed his last name from Deutsch to Dryden following some sort of plagiarism scandal. A German-text Wikipedia entry for him is here, but the automated translation is awkward. This is often the case, given German syntax. Also, his last name (Deutsch) is translated as "German" which is what Deutsch means in English, and this might add confusion for some readers. Much of the same ground is covered in English here.

Apparently Deutsch-Dryden (I decided to use both last names) was personally elegant as were the elegant subjects he depicted so elegantly.

His subjects were usually ladies and automobiles -- especially Bugattis.


No, not radios: this Blaupunkt (Blue Dot) was a brand of cigarettes.

Poster for Bugatti Automobiles featuring a Type 35.

Cover art for Die Dame (The Lady) magazine. Yes, that's a Bugatti in the background.

Die Dame automobile number cover, November 1928.

Perhaps Die Dame cover art for its 1926 Christmas number.

Die Dame cover illustration.

Elegant scene.

Fashion illustration with a Bugatti-like car.

Fashion art with Venice as setting.

More elegance, but casual here.

Jane Régny was the pseudonym for a Parisian fashion designer specializing in sportswear.

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Perfect timing for a Deco fan, thank you :) I always loved Ernst Deutsch's work, especially the women's fashions and the cars.

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