Monday, November 25, 2019

Willian Russell Flint's Illustrations and Related Work

William Russell Flint (1880-1969) was an honored (knighted by King George VI), highly skilled artist of the representational persuasion. A fairly brief Wikipedia entry is here, but if you would like a lot more information about him, click here.

Should you do an Internet images search on his name, you will discover many pictures of very attractive nude young women. Since there was more to Flint's work than that, this post deals with his book illustrations from around 1910 along with watercolors and other paintings safe for viewing at your office desk.


La Belle Dame Sans Merci - 1908

Princess Ida - The Gate yields, Hildebrand and Soldiers rush in - 1909

From "Le Morte D'Arthur" - 1910-1911

From "Le Morte D'Arthur" - 1910-1911

Calypso and Odysseus

Girls Weaving Baskets

Park scene

Tamborine players

The Festival of Santa Eulalia, Andalusia - c. 1932

Carnation - c. 1932

Raquel and Manula

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