Monday, September 20, 2021

More Glen Orbik Guilty Pleasures Noir Paintings

I wrote about the guilty pleasures of Glen Orbik (1963-2015) noir illustrations here.  He painted many more than what I presented then, so it's time to offer more examples.

Maybe some day I'll do a post comparing book cover artists that might help put Orbik in context.  Spoiler alert: He was among the very best.

Some of the images below can be enlarged by clicking on them.


"After Hours"

Anne Steelyard

Book cover illustrations such as this required blank areas for title, author, and other text placement.


"Lex 2000"
Superman villain Lex Luthor running for president.

Unfortunately, I could not locate a title for this illustration.


"Valley of Fear" by A.C. Doyle

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