Monday, September 6, 2021

Multi Ritratti: Salammbô

Salammbô was a fictional character created by Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) for his sensational  novel of the same name.  She was cast as the daughter of Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca, who in history was the father of Hannibal.  Hannibal fought Rome and is best known for crossing the Maritime Alps with an entourage that included war elephants.  Military buffs tend to focus on the Battle of Cannae wherein a Roman army was destroyed by a Carthaginian pincer attack.

As for Salammbô, a summary of the novel can be found in the previous link above and probably elsewhere on the Internet.  She was provocative enough that artists and even filmmakers sought to portray her.

Images of Salammbô below are in chronological order. Click on most to enlarge.


By Georges Rochegrosse - 1886

Design by Victor Prouvé - 1893
This design was adapted for a cover of Flaubert's book.

By Georges Rochegrosse - Salammbô et les colombes - 1893
Unlike some artists, Rochegrosse (who painted many Oriental nude or mostly-nude women) chose to portray Salammbô clothed.

By Léon Bonnat - "Rose Caron in the Rôle of Salammbô" - 1896

by Alphonse Mucha - "Incantation" - for Sarah Bernhard - 1897
This considered to represent Salammbô.

By Gaston Bussiere - 1907

By Georges Rochegrosse - 1910
His third version of Salammbô.

Film poster - 1925
I cannot make out the name of the artist.

Newspaper illustration by Dan Smith - 3 April 1927
Smith is little-known today, perhaps because of his common name and because much of his work was for newspapers rather than magazines.

Recent video game image of Salammbô found on the Internet

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