Monday, July 27, 2015

Suzanne Valadon's (Restored) Apartment

I returned from Europe last week bearing pixels of this and that, including photos taken in the Musée de Montmartre of a "restoration" of the apartment of artist/model Suzanne Valadon who lived in the main building for a time.

I put the word restoration in quotation marks because, as this link indicates (scroll down), the project completed last year based on work by Hubert Le Gall contains almost none of Valadon's actual possessions, which presumably have been lost for years. Instead, Gall relied on Valadon's paintings and a few photos to reconstruct the setting as best he could.

Nevertheless, I found it interesting. Some photos I took are below.


Yr. Obedient Blogger at work.

Self-portrait done in 1883.

Portrait of her son, Maurice Utrillo on wall.

Painting of the nearby Sacré-Coeur by Utrillo in the studio room.

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