Thursday, December 31, 2015

Marcel Rieder by Lamplight

Marcel Rieder (1862-1942) was an Alsacian who spent most of his life and career in Paris, as this brief Wikipedia mentions.

It also states that he started as a Symbolist, but by 1894 shifted to what I'll call a kind of "soft-symbolism" featuring beautiful young women seen by lamplight, often by tables set for dining. In some cases, the settings are interiors and in others the background is a lake or sea. As for the watery backgrounds, Rieder and his subjects have the good taste to be by lovely Lake Annecy in east-central France near the Alps or on the Mediterranean Côte d'Azur.

Rieder's paintings are pleasant to view. I prefer the outdoor settings because the large areas of blue serve as counterpoint to the smaller lamplit spots.


Choix de bijou sous la lampe

Title unknown - woman watching dinner guest depart?

Jeune femme cousante

Femme lisante

Veillée en bord de mer

Rêverie au bord du lac d'Annecy

Solitude au bord du lac

Détente et rêverie après le repas

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