Friday, November 26, 2010

Morning in the Fez Medina

Never let a good pixel go to waste, sez I.

What follows are some snapshots taken while touring the market area of the Medina district of Fez, Morocco. (I'm writing this in Las Vegas, and might later post some pix of this equally exotic locale.)

As we were about to enter the Medina I noticed yet another load of tourists that likely were headed there too.

It's early. The place has yet to come to life, so there's plenty of room in the passageways.

If I were a publicist, I'd call the Medina a "covered urban mall" -- clearly, the covering here is to shade the sun rather than shield from rain.

When in carpet country, it's a near-impossibility for a tour group not to get steered into a rug emporium. That's the Big Guy launching his spiel.

Although small carts could traverse some passages, the main means of moving goods through the Medina is the donkey. The lower image is blurred because those donkeys move at a good clip. When they head your direction, you plaster yourself against the nearest wall.

Morocco is cat country. As you can see, they tend to be lean, not fluffy.

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