Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blogging Note

This is to let you know about two changes I made to this blog's infrastructure.

At the top of the left-hand panel is a Google search tool for locating posts containing the item you specify.

And, assuming I didn't screw things up (I can't test this feature from my computers), I dropped comment screening for recent (up to 14 days) comments. I replaced it with the gizmo that asks you to copy letters into an edit box to verify you're a human being and not a spam-bot. This should result in your comment appearing almost immediately.

I hope you find these changes useful.


dearieme said...

Don, have you any views on the minor art form on youtube, when someone combines graphic art and a soundtrack? I must say I'm warming to them. Here's a couple of the things I have in mind.

Donald Pittenger said...

dearieme -- I dunno. To me music is music and art is art unless the music is crafted to some sort of artistic action as in ballet, opera (to some degree) and movies.

I don't like having to view art tied to someone else's timeframe as in the Youtube clips. Likewise, I prefer to simply listen to the music strait without someone imposing art that I might not care for on me.