Thursday, March 19, 2020

Molti Ritratti: Jeanne d'Arc

Now for some portraits of an important historical personage that were all painted posthumously. The subject is Jeanne d'Arc (c.1412-1431), called Joan of Arc in English-speaking countries. Her Wikipedia entry is here.

According to this site, there exists only one contemporary image. It is a "Drawing by Clément de Fauquembergue, the secretary of the Pa[r]lement of Paris. The artist had never seen Jeanne. It is known that she sat for a portrait, but it did not survive, so no exact image of her exists."

That contemporary image is here:

Below are some imagined portraits of her.


Miniature - 1450-1500
Her hair style seems to be derived from the previous image.

Anonymous - 1581
This seems fanciful, yet not showing her for what she was famous for.

Atelier Rubens - 1620
From the workshop of Peter Paul Rubens.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - 1854
By a major artist. He too seems to use the hair style in the first image.

John Everett Millais - 1865
By an important English artist.

Jules Bastien-Lepage - Joan of Arc Listening to the Voices - 1879
The well-known Bastien-Lepage painting.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - 1882
For some reason nearly every Rossetti portrait of a young woman shows similar features.

George William Joy - 1895
Ste Jeanne asleep.

Harold Piffard - c.1895

Donato Giancola - 2012
A recent painting by an American illustrator.

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