Thursday, May 28, 2020

Stanley Cursiter's Early 1920s Women

Stanley Cursiter (1887-1976) was a Scottish painter who was Keeper of the National Galleries of Scotland from 1930 until 1948. I wrote about him here, and his Wikipedia entry is here.

During the first half of the 1920s he painted several works featuring attractive young women, especially one named Poppy Low.


Black, White and Silver - 1921

Roberta - c. 1922
She might also be the subject of the previous painting.

Poppy Low - 1922

A Summer Night - 1923
The model is Poppy Low.

The Fair Isle Jumper - 1923

The Seamstress - 1923

House of Cards - 1924

Artist, Self Portrait, with his wife Phyllis Eda Hourston, and his model Poppy Low, Chez Nous - 1925

Apple Green - 1925
The appears to be Poppy.

Reclining Lady
Undated: This might be his wife.

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