Monday, June 1, 2020

Leonard Campbell Taylor: Ladies with Puffy Skirts and Other Paintings

Leonard Campbell Taylor (1874-1969) was a member of the Royal Academy who painted in a somewhat painstaking representational style that was going out of fashion even as his career was starting. His Wikipedia entry is here.

Below are examples of his paintings up into the early 1930s. Most feature women and interiors. Not included here are his landscape paintings and illustrations made while serving as a war artist during the Great War. I haven't found examples dated from 1935 to his death, so I do not know if he ever adjusted his style to suit changing artistic fashions.


Meditation - 1899

Patience - 1906

The Rain it Raineth Every Day - 1906

Japanese Prints, or The Portfolio - c.1907

Summer Afternoon (An Interior, Lord Birkenhead Seated) - 1913


Romsey Abbey

The Hall

Queen Mary - 1928

The Sampler - 1931-32
At this date, he seems to have decided to use retro subject matter along with retro style.

Restaurant Car - (London, Midland and Scottish Railway poster artwork) - c.1935
Judging by the woman's clothing, I think this was painted in the late 1920s or 1930, and not the date found on the Internet with the image.

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