Monday, June 15, 2020

Some Alphonse Mucha Drawings

Alphonse Maria Mucha (1860-1939) is best known for his Art Nouveau era posters. He also made historical paintings, the series of huge Slav Epic works. In addition, he designed objects of various kinds. For me, almost everything he did is interesting.

His lengthy Wikipedia entry is here.

I mostly show paintings in this blog. But for a slight change of pace, the present post features a variety of Mucha's Art Nouveau period drawings.


A this 'n' that page.

Metal décor designs.

More designs.

A very preliminary layout study.

"Decorative Figures"

Many of his posters featured a circle as part of the design. This drawing includes a circle to aid in the composition aspect of the proposed work.

Study for Medea poster.

Medea poster.

An elaborate drawing.

Finally, a color drawing -- something apparently rare unless he was working out that aspect of a poster design (which this freestanding figure is not).

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Paul Sullivan said...

I have to agree. I enjoy all of Mucha's work and he influenced so many. It is interesting to see some of his drawings and preliminary work.