Monday, August 22, 2022

More Ettore Tito Paintings

Ettore Tito (1859-1941) was a Venetian realist painter best known for his genre scenes.  Biographical information is here. I wrote about him here in 2013.

Today's post once again presents some of his paintings in chronological order.  They strike me as being a little less noteworthy than those in the first set, though they are still well made and worthy of attention.


La ciàcołe - 1883
"Chatting" or perhaps "gossiping" in Venetian dialect.

Mercato del pesce - 1885
Fish market scene.

La Chiromante - 1886
"The fortuneteller."

Dama in rosa - 1887
Example of a portrait.

Flower Girl - 1888
First of two versions of the same kind of event.

La mia rossa - 1888
Here the subjects are posed differently and the women does not wear the same clothes.  Plus, this sailor has mustaches.

Autunno - 1897
"Autumn:" Here Tito paints an Italian Alpine scene.  Not all his settings were in Venice.

La lettura - 1907
A letter is the subject of considerable attention.

Breezy day in Venice
I don't have a date for this, but it was probably made before the following Venice scene.

Grand Canal c.1910
This area has not changed much in the last 110 years aside from the persons' clothing.

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