Monday, August 17, 2020

Leo Putz -- Women's Faces in Detail

Leo Putz (1869-1940) was an Austrian painter who used interesting brushwork during one phase of his career -- about 1903-1912. That involved distinct brushstrokes often from what appears to have been square-tipped brushes.

His Wikipedia entry is here. I wrote about him here.

The present post presents a few examples of that brushwork style applied to faces of women. I hope you find these images interesting.


Frieda Blell - Am Ufer detail - 1909
Putz married Frieda around this time. He idealized her face here: it actually was more narrow.

Gusti Bennat - Dame in Blau detail - 1908
Gusti modeled for him several times.

Gusti Benannt - 1908
A portrait of Gusti.

Sommerträme detail (model unknown) - 1907
From one of Putz's best-known paintings.

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