Thursday, October 1, 2020

A Few of Jacek Malczewski's Self-Portraits

Jacek Malczewski (1854-1929) is considered by me, among others, as one of Poland's finest painters.  I wrote about his portayal of Death as a woman here, and about his muses here.  His Wikipedia entry is here.

This post features some of his many self-portraits.  Besides acknowledged self-portraits, Malczewski often included himself in paintings of other subjects.  (A currently active artist practicing that sort of dress-up genre is Cindy Sherman, though I'm nor sure she was originally -- or ever -- aware of Malczewski.)

The selection of images below is in approximate chronological order.


Self-Portrait with a Palette - 1892

Autoportret - 1901

Autoportret ze smiercia (Self-Portrait with Death) - 1902
Malczewski included Death in some of his self-portraits as well as being the main subject of a work.

Autoportret artysty z paletą (Self-Portrait with Palette)

Autoportret Mięzdy - 1908-15

Autoportret alegoryczny - 1914
This allegorical self-portrait includes a woman who seems to be his sometime mistress and long-time model Maria Bal.

Autoportret obraz na płótnie
That might be Bal again, at the right.

Autoportret z Thanatosem - 1916
Another Death-related self-portrait

Self-portrait with nudes - 1918

Self-Portrait with Thanatos - 1919
More Death, perhaps more Maria Bal.

Late self-portrait - 1925
Wikipedia mentions that Malczewski lost sight towards the end of his life, so this might have been painted when that conditon was appearing.

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