Monday, August 22, 2016

Anna Zinkeisen, Doris' Sister

Anna Katrina Zinkeisen (1901-1976) wasn't quite as glamorous as her older sister Doris (who I wrote about here), but she seems to have been the better artist.

Anna's Wikipedia entry is here, and a link dealing with both sisters is here.

Anna could vary her style when called for. Some murals done in the 1930s are busy (as most murals should be) and painted in a mannered way. Her portrait work, on the other hand, was usually solidly, strikingly done, making use of smoothed, slightly simplified surfaces on her subjects' faces, hands, etc.


Doris Zinkeisen

Self-Portrait - c. 1944

Diana Wynyard, actress - 1930s
This is not Anna's usual style, but a credible website states that this is her work.

Consuelo Kennedy in Evening Dress - 1937

The Dark Lady - 1938

Elizabeth Allan, actress

Laying the Foundation Stone of Southampton Docks, 1838 - 1938

Mediaeval Lincoln

Sir Archibald Hector McIndoe - c.1944
Plastic Surgeon.

Sir Alexander Fleming - 1958
Posthumous portrait of the discoverer of Penicillin.

Night Duty - 1955

St. John Ambulance Brigade Officer and Nurse - 1955

Julia Heseltine (her daughter)

Air Chief Marshal Sir Denis Smallwood - c. 1975

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