Monday, August 15, 2016

Władysław Czachórski's Elegant Subjects

Władysław Czachórski (1850-1911), also known as Ladislaus von Czachórski in Germany, was born in the part of Poland controlled by Russia. In German, his name is pronounced Wuadisuaf Tschachurski, for American English speakers, "Vwahdiswahv Tshahchurski" might work. The "von" in the German version of his name indicates the official respect he was given.

His English Wikipedia entry is here. It says Czachórski began his art studies in Warsaw as a teenager and moved on to the Dresden Academy for a year. Then he moved to Munich, Germany's art capitol, spending 1869-73 in the Munich Academy. Although he traveled Europe, Munich remained his base until he died at age 50.

Czachórski was noted for painting pictures of beautiful women, being especially skilled at depicting the fancy fabrics of their dresses and gowns. His approach was academic-representational, but aside perhaps from a few large paintings of Shakespearean scenes, he avoided historical and allegorical subjects beloved by true 19th century academicians.


Hamlet Receiving the Players - 1875

Cemetery in Venice - 1876

Inside the Sacristy -- Silentium

Stanisława Czachórskiego - 1889

Lady with a Rose - 1879

Pensive - 1883

Das Schatzkästchen (Jewel Box)

Flirtation - 1889

The Wedding Gift - 1890

Portrait of a Woman - 1890

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