Thursday, August 4, 2016

William Nicholson, Churchill's Art Mentor

A while ago I wrote about Winston Churchill's art. Relatedly, this Telegraph article on Churchill's painting mentions regarding Churchill, that: "First, although he didn’t have any formal training, he learnt from the best. Churchill studied with his friend Sir John Lavery, the Irish artist best known for his portraits, and later learnt a new aspect of his craft from W R Sickert, who had a profound impact on modern art in Britain. Most important was Churchill’s close friendship with another major 20th-century British artist, William Nicholson, of whom he remarked: he was 'the person that taught me most about painting'".

Sir William Nicholson (1872-1949), Wikipedia entry here, might be better known today as being the father of modernist painter Ben Nicholson. In his time, Sir William was well known in Britain for his paintings, illustrations, engravings and stage settings.

In the Gallery section below, portraits are featured first, this to demonstrate his ability level in an area requiring acute observation. The second part shows some of his landscapes, the subject matter of his pupil, Winston Churchill.



Lady in Yellow - 1893

La Belle Chauffeuse - 1904

James Matthew Barrie - 1904
Creator of Peter Pan.

Max Beerbohm - 1905
British essayist and caricaturist.

The Girl with a tattered Glove - 1909

Miss Wish Wynne, Actress, in the Character of Janet Cannot for the Play "The Great Adventure" - 1913

Miss Maude Nelke - c.1914
Socialite and patron of the arts.

Field Marshal Jan Smuts - 1923
Prominent South African leader.


La Place du Petit Enfer, Dieppe - 1908

The Cornfield - 1925

The Bathing Pool at Chartwell - 1934-35
Chartwell was Winston Churchill's home in Kent.

Matadero, Segovia - 1935

A Grade Near Midhurst - 1936

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