Monday, November 25, 2013

Short-Lived Henri Evenepoel

I suppose I could have lumped this post into my "In the Beginning" series because all we have of the works of Henri Evenepoel (1872-1899) were painted when he was age 27 or younger. As you can see by his dates, Evenepoel's career ended (by disease) before he had the opportunity to progress beyond the usual "beginning" period for an artist. That's too bad, because the paintings that he did make are interesting, and he clearly had real potential as a representational modernist, had his course continued in that direction.

Evenepoel was a Belgian who spent most of his career in Paris. A short Wikipedia entry about him is here.


Le chapeau blanc (Louise de Mey) - 1897
Photo (by Evenepoel) of Louise de Mey at Wépion - Summer, 1897
It seems that Louise was Evenepoel's cousin and married with two children. That did not prevent them from falling in love and producing a son. This matter and its effect on his art are dealt with here and, especially, here.

L'homme en rouge, ou Portrait du peintre Paul Baignières - 1894

Het Loopmeisje (The Errand Girl)

De Spanja, Francisco Itturino - 1899

Orange Market, Blidah - 1898

Foire aux Invalides - 1897


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