Monday, April 14, 2014

Doris Zinkeisen: Even More Elegant than Her Art

Doris Clare Zinkeisen (1898-1991) was born in Scotland, but like many others, made her career in England. Her sister Anna was also an artist, perhaps a better one. Doris' Wikipedia entry is here.

From what I can tell from photographs and portraits, the young Doris was a real beauty. More beautiful than many of her paintings, I have to say.

Zinkeisen's subjects ranged from portraits to social scenes to wartime art, the latter being rather sketchy, given the circumstances.


Doris, portrayed...

Photo by Beryl Cazeneaux - 1929

Photo by Harold Pierce Cazeneaux - 1929

Doris decorating the Queen Mary, by Madame Yevonde - 1936

Doris, by her sister Anna

Self-Portrait - 1929

Portraits by Zinkeisen...

Elsa Lanchester - 1925

Margaret Duncan

Lieutenant Murray Johnstone, the artist's son - 1966

Mrs Sanders Watney

Here and there...

Dressing Room

Bois de Boulogne

War art...

British Red Cross Issuing Comforts to Prisoners of War at Brussels - 1945

Air Ambulance being Unloaded near Bruges - 1945
She got the basic shape of the Dakota nearly correct, but couldn't depict the rounded fuselage correctly. Drawing mechanical objects is difficult for many otherwise competent artists.


dearieme said...

"Drawing mechanical objects is difficult for many otherwise competent artists." A friend of mine used to rate artists partly by whether any mechanical device they portrayed would actually work.

MAGGIE said...

wonderful to have just discovered such a creative force