Monday, April 14, 2014

Doris Zinkeisen: Even More Elegant than Her Art

Doris Clare Zinkeisen (1898-1991) was born in Scotland, but like many others, made her career in England. Her sister Anna was also an artist, perhaps a better one. Doris' Wikipedia entry is here.

From what I can tell from photographs and portraits, the young Doris was a real beauty. More beautiful than many of her paintings, I have to say.

Zinkeisen's subjects ranged from portraits to social scenes to wartime art, the latter being rather sketchy, given the circumstances.


Doris, portrayed...

Photo by Beryl Cazeneaux - 1929

Photo by Harold Pierce Cazeneaux - 1929

Doris decorating the Queen Mary, by Madame Yevonde - 1936

Doris, by her sister Anna

Self-Portrait - 1929

Portraits by Zinkeisen...

Elsa Lanchester - 1925

Margaret Duncan

Lieutenant Murray Johnstone, the artist's son - 1966

Mrs Sanders Watney

Here and there...

Dressing Room

Bois de Boulogne

War art...

British Red Cross Issuing Comforts to Prisoners of War at Brussels - 1945

Air Ambulance being Unloaded near Bruges - 1945
She got the basic shape of the Dakota nearly correct, but couldn't depict the rounded fuselage correctly. Drawing mechanical objects is difficult for many otherwise competent artists.

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dearieme said...

"Drawing mechanical objects is difficult for many otherwise competent artists." A friend of mine used to rate artists partly by whether any mechanical device they portrayed would actually work.