Thursday, April 2, 2020

John Hubbard Rich, Not Quite a California Impressionist

The image above is "The Idle Hour" (1917) by John Hubbard Rich (1876-1954), painted about three years after he moved from the Northeast to Los Angeles. I like it very much.

Rich's tiny Wikipedia entry is here. Although his work was done in a painterly style in the spirit of the contemporary California Impressionists, I didn't notice any of his works on the Internet that were the kind of landscapes that group painted. Indeed, Rich's visible works are almost entirely portraits and indoor scenes.


Lady with Teacup
I don't have a date for this, but from the style and subject matter, it looks like it was painted in Boston before Rich moved to California.

Woman in Blue Gown
The same might be said for this painting.

Now for for some California paintings.

Elizabeth Josephine Harris - 1918
In the same spirit (and apparently the same clothes and fan) as the painting atop this post.

The Japanese Lantern - 1916
Another Oriental sort of theme.

Portrait of a woman
I don't have a date for this.

Yellow Teapot, or Daydreams - c.1929
Domestic scene with a touch of landscape outside the window.

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